Enabling the energy transition

The transition to renewable energy has accelerated in recent years, led by the rapid evolution and falling costs of these clean energy sources.  As a result, the energy system is moving rapidly from a centralized to a distributed structure and according to a recent BNEF economic study commissioned by Eaton this trend will only accelerate. This brings new challenges for grid operators and at the same time opportunities for a growing community of energy prosumers.  At Eaton we are dedicated to improving the quality of life and the environment through the use of power management technologies and services.  Our offerings such as energy storage, microgrids, and green switchgear are helping enable this transition to the desired energy future – today.

Resilient power

No matter where we source our energy, the lights must stay on.  Reliable power is not just a matter of convenience and comfort, it is also important for business continuity as well as a safe and stable society.  As we move to more distributed and variable sources of energy such as wind and solar, flexibility becomes a critical factor for network operators to run the grid reliably and cost effectively.  Eaton’s energy storage systems combine power electronics and batteries to enable optimized use of energy.  Even if each unit is only 3 to 6 kW, xStorage Home systems in houses and small enterprises can be aggregated to manage how owners take from or give power back to the grid.  On a larger scale, businesses can do the same with Eaton’s xStorage Building offering which will be switched on early this summer at the Amsterdam ArenA football stadium.  For even larger applications, microgrids using Eaton’s Power Xpert Energy Optimizer offer scalable, flexible design for current and future energy management for sites ranging from commercial to campuses to grids. 

Sustainable power distribution

The shift towards renewable generation requires more grid flexibility and bottleneck avoidance.  This means switchgear that in the past was fairly passive will become a more active part of smarter and more robust grids. Eaton’s Medium Voltage (MV) Switchgear can help resolve these challenges as it can switch up to 10,000 times.  In addition, the Xiria family of MV switchgear does not use any SF6 gas.  SF6 has the worst global warming potential of any gas - 23,900 times stronger than CO2, so Eaton has by design the greenest of all MV Switchgear on the market today.  The total cost of ownership of Eaton’s switchgear is much lower than those using SF6, thus offering additional grid infrastructure cost avoidance.  Microgrids based on the Power Xpert Energy Optimizer are another tool to help manage the grid and are also designed to optimize the use of renewable energy in large campuses and industrial sites.  Another way Eaton helps support sustainability is with its energy storage systems.  Building operators and residential customers both use the Eaton xStorage range to maximize the use of self-consumption from local solar PV. 

Enabling energy prosumers

End users have embraced the move to greener power.  By using energy storage, such customers increase self-consumption and at the same time save more on their energy bills.  xStorage Home for residential customers allows direct integration of solar which reduces the upfront installation cost.  In addition, if for some reason the power does go out, xStorage Home provides backup power to ensure they never miss a goal! These same advantages also apply to businesses, which can benefit from the xStorage Building systems to participate in demand response and other services to the grid.  These customers value the lower bills, increased resilience in case the grid fails and a reduced overall CO2 footprint.  This applies even to very large industrial customers such as the Amsterdam ArenA.  In areas where the grid may be less reliable, Eaton offers microgrids based on the Power Xpert Optimizer.  The Eaton site in Wadeville takes advantage of Eaton’s microgrid expertise to reduce the energy bill, and keep running when the grid is not available. 

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