Easy dimming, switching, shading, ventilation control

Quick, clean and convenient

Eaton GO WIRELESS adds wireless functionality wherever you choose to have it in your home. These packages can be installed quickly and affordably by one of our qualified installer partners without the dirt, disruption and inconvenience of renovating. They are ideal for both existing homes and new construction.

Eaton's proven wireless technology empowers you to comfortably and reliably control lights (including dimming), shades or ventilation from wherever you decide. No more placing the furniture based on where the switches are. Redecorate without having to renovate. Enhance convenience with Easy Second Switch, allowing you to control lights or devices from multiple locations in the home.

Eaton GO WIRELESS is the reliable wireless solution, working every time, just like a wired switch. Remarkably, this unparalleled reliability comes with long battery life. In typical use, batteries last up to 10 years.

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a detail of a modern bathroom with a wireless ventilation switch on a glass wall
four light switches in different colors on a grey background

GO WIRELESS switches work with many brands of wiring accessories, enabling you to integrate them seamlessly into your home.

GO WIRELESS lets you place switches on any surface and allows you to extend them with additional control points, adding maximum flexibility, fitting your lifestyle.

GO WIRELESS packages can be installed quickly and affordably by one of our qualified installer partners.  

Eaton GO WIRELESS packages solve your control challenges in the most common situations. Our packages include:

3D view of a box of Eaton's Wireless Switch All - lights device
  • Wireless Switch All - lights
3D view of a box of Eaton's Wireless Dim All - dimmers
  • Wireless Dim All - dimmers
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3D view of a box of Eaton's Wireless Shading - blinds, shades, and shutters
  • Wireless Shading - blinds, shades, and shutters
3D view of a box of Eaton's Wireless Second Switch - add additional control points
  • Wireless Second Switch - add additional control points
  • Wireless Ventilation - control mechanical ventilation


GO WIRELESS is fast and clean to install as well as easy to operate.

A Smart Home in just three steps!

Eaton GO WIRELESS solutions make your home smart in three simple steps:

Choose a package matching your needs.

Decide if you need additional controls.

Easily add additional wireless switches and place them wherever you need them:

• Control one light/blind or shutter/ventilation with one or more additional wireless switches.
• Control a group of lights or blinds/shutter with one (or more) 'master' switch(es).

Decide if you want to add additional functions like, for example, timers, light sensors, or app control.  

If you are going on holiday, you don't need to leave your home dark, inviting thieves. Easily simulate presence by having your lights and shutters controlled automatically. You can even control lights, blinds and ventilation via an app, either while at home or away. You can do this just by adding one component!

Enhance your peace of mind, energy savings and lifestyle by further extending the system with xComfort products at your own pace.

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